Month: December 2014

Analyzing the Top Attachments for Backhoe Loaders

It’s often said that quality beats quantity. Over the years, utility contractors have started to realize the truth behind that statement due to the benefits of having one machine with increased versatility on the jobsite instead of multiple machines.

In order to achieve that versatility, more and more attachments are being made available to the construction market every year. The backhoe loader, an invaluable jack-of-all-trades, has the capability to run a variety of attachments such as brooms, grapples and 4-in-1 buckets.

Going Pro a Boom for Excavation Business

Professional Excavating (owner: Daene Boomsma) has grown quickly – almost tripling in business each year. To handle that growth, the company doubled its fleet from one 16-ton excavator to two. Thanks to fuel savings, the support of the local dealer, and an ambitious maintenance, telematics and warranty package offered by the manufacturer (CASE ProCare), he’s been able to grow the business with minimal impact to his bottom line.

“During my five slowest months – we made half the payment on fuel savings alone,” says Boomsma. “It was the difference between my operators running a 10-year-old machine or a brand new machine. When I can do that and not cost myself any more because of fuel savings – now I’ve got happier operators and an image that says ‘we care about our equipment and we buy good equipment.’ [And] it’s not costing me anything because of the fuel savings.”



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